How to Text a Woman to Secure The Date (CHEAT CODE)

How to Text a Woman to Secure The Date (CHEAT CODE) Seduction

Uncle C, back in the office. And this is a topic that I’ve been waiting for for so long until I’ve actually had my whiteboard. And now that I have my whiteboard, I can’t wait to address this with you.

Uncle C, back in the office. And this is a topic that I’ve been waiting for for so long until I’ve actually had my whiteboard. And now that I have my whiteboard, I can’t wait to address this with you.

Because, you know, we talk about the masculine frame, we talk about building the charisma, we talked about building the seduction, but the problem is that oftentimes I kind of leave out the step by step logical things that you have to do to actually secure the date or to make sure that the interaction happens. Which is why I’m so glad I have this board because today I’m going to tell you specifically, specifically how to text in 2020. How to text in 2020 to secure the date, and how to make sure that you separate yourself from the other 99 percenters fellows Now before we begin, I’m going to break down to you what I’ve been doing. So the thing is that I’ve created a whole new system with the men that I’m coaching the systems called masculinity blueprint. I’ve been coaching men, I’ve been helping men build their charisma build their masculinity to teach them everything about women and how to make sure they can master their dating life.

And that’s like my new baby. So in all of these things, when you see me going, Hey, if you catch my live stream that I run each day, you can potentially work with us and get into it, that still stays the same. If you want my brand new version, too.

If you want to potentially work one on one with us in the closed group, if you want to have the chance to speak with me two times a week for the rest of your life, if you want a chance to have my full premium course forever, version two blueprint, this is like what I’m putting my all into I have $300 I’ve already put into this, you’re going to register for that live event below. That’s when you can check out and that’s when you can actually become part of this. However, since I have version one anymore, for the next day or two only before and Laura’s removed forever.

I’m marking this down to $197. This is the cheapest it’s ever been. I’ve sold this for so much more than that in the past. It’s been so much higher than that in the past, but for the next couple days if you want my version one course That has made men 10 x better for many, many months Adele, if you want to scoop that chief and scoop that fast, you can get that right down below and check out it’s going to be on the 197 bucks before it’s off the website forever. You see, this whole channel is really about men developing themselves and putting their best foot forward.

But guess what, the only way they can do that is if they do the exact opposite of what the 99 percenters do. You see, well, the well the herd goes this way. If you want great results, compared to everybody else, you have to go in a totally different direction, which is why as I’m sure you could tell, the way I text and the way I maneuver, and the way I go about things is just a little bit different, but it does work. And it will work so good.

If you do this, the success rate on myself with this is extremely high. The success rate with all of my students that I’ve worked with using this method is extremely high. I’m going to give you the absolute cheat code right now for 2020.

Now, before I give you the cheat code, like I do with every post before, I give you the big shiny objects, we have to make sure we set the pillars of excellence first. What does that mean? That means a few things have to be in alignment before you’re ready to break out the big shiny objects. How to text in 2020. The first thing that I need you guys to understand first and foremost is that you cannot seduce her through the phone.

A lot of you guys are keyboard warriors. A lot of you guys love to just sit behind the screen. A lot of you guys fantasize with these dating apps like Tinder or Bumble or hinge or Snapchat messages or Snapchat Snapchat streaks or however the hell it works or Instagram messages. You got to realize fellas, she does not want 90% of the men that are in those inboxes. The reason for that is because they’re thirsty just like you.

They want her just like you do. And the thing is, is you’re doing exactly what everybody else says. I’ve said this before I’ve said it again.

I will say it until the day I die. If you do what the mass majority of men do. You will get the mass majority of men’s results, the mass majority of men’s results when it comes to women is basically zero, you have to understand that you can’t seduce her through the phone. Oftentimes, the reason why you can’t get her out on the date is not because you’re ugly, not because you’re a bad guy.

Not because you don’t understand masculine frame, but you you specifically don’t do anything to raise her interest. You have to understand this. This is like a business deal. For those of you that are in sales throughout this whole post, I’m going to be relating this to sales quite a bit.

And throughout it, you’re probably going to laugh, because it will relate to so much between a cold lead a warm lead and a hot lead. You gotta strike when the iron is hot, you have to understand how to build chemistry with this woman. And we’re going to use the phone as a simple tool, and a mechanism, not the end all be all to actually get the date because you got to realize who is the man behind the phone. That’s the important part, not necessarily the tactics and the text messages. Now you have to raise her interest with women chemistry is everything.

You see, this is why a lot of men don’t secure the date is because they don’t build any sort of chemistry with this girl with women. Women are emotional. Okay, you’re logical, you’re rational.

So it makes sense to us. You’re sitting there thinking, Oh, I’m a strong dominant man. She’s a soft, sweet woman. She should just like me. I’m going to text her and ask her out on the date it.

It’s not going to work like that. You have to appeal to her. She’s your ideal client.

She’s your ideal prospect. You have to appeal to her emotions. If you guys are in sales. You guys are car salesmen. You guys are shoe salesman.

If you guys sell things on the internet, you understand this? Why do people get invested into something? Why do people like people do business with people? They don’t like to do business with businesses. You got to get that people like to give money to people that they like they don’t like to just give money to a business.

What this means is that she doesn’t just want to try to bond with Any guy just because it’s an option she wants to bond with the type of guy that she has chemistry with. This means that if you are a male, eight, but you have amazing chemistry with a woman and she comes across a nine, there’s a very, very, very high chance that because she has no chemistry with him, she will want you instead, you have to understand this before I tell you the phone do’s and don’ts and how to break this down. So the reason why oftentimes men can’t make a date happen is because they’re simply relying too much on the keyboard. And because of that, you can’t do anything to raise her chemistry.

You can’t do anything to raise her flirtatious vibe, you can’t do anything to have a man to woman connection with her. And you can watch all the posts on masculinity that you want until you understand this and get the female right in front of you. None of this is going to matter. Now. Moving on to the next part.

The phone open fellows is going to depend on how you met her. Now here’s what I advise. I advise every single man right Now to get the hell off of online dating, to get the hell off of Snapchat to get the hell off of all of these devices.

And the reason for that is it’s because it’s inhibiting you. Now you have to understand this, this, these two parts are going to tie into each other. In the beginning, it is never 5050. It’s never 5050 with a woman and a man, if you’re the one pursuing her, and you’re the one trying to get her out on the date, in the beginning, she is always going to be slightly higher value than you. She’s the prize.

Right? She’s the potential prospect. You’re the salesman, you’re trying to show that you have a product, the product is you. The product is you as the man you have to show that you’re good enough to convince this prospect to give this free trial or this opportunity.

And guess what if the products good enough, your refund rate is going to be extremely low. So you have to understand that in the beginning, it is not 5050 there’s a lot of guys they get butthurt and they go I’m only going to text her once or I’m not going to over pursue or the reason why I’m skies can’t get a girl is because they’re so scared to over pursue. But you got to realize she has no investment with you yet she has no chemistry with you yet you have to sell yourself a little bit and if the products good enough that so she will fall in love if the product if the man is good enough, that’s how she will keep coming back for a second date that so she will come back and she will actually meet you. But you have to understand this now. The reason why I suggest all men to get off social media is because right from the get go, it puts you at the lower value in the interaction.

Because you have to understand this women are not as looks as driven as men. You see men we’re gonna fall in love with the shape. If she shaped like that, and she’s smiling and she’s cute, and she’s hot, great.

We’re interested in her. But guess what, with women, it’s a little bit different. Now women don’t fall in love through their looks. They’re going to fall in love with the emotion and how you make them feel. So what does that mean?

That means strictly everything that you’ve done to make yourself a man. everything that you’ve done to Show your masculinity in the world. Maybe you’re you’re great with money, you’re great with business, maybe you’re very strong and confident in your tonality. You know, maybe you’re a rock solid dude.

And you’re extremely confident and you’re all about self improvement and you crush it in the world than you would what you would be what we would call a higher value, man. You don’t put up with Bs, you’re strong. She’s the type of man that excuse me, she is the type of woman that would accompany you great. But the problem is that through the keyboard, if you’re meeting her on these dating apps and whatnot, she can’t sense anything that will make her feel a certain way. It puts you at the lower value from the get go.

Because women are emotional. You can’t often tend to her emotions and build that chemistry through a keyboard. The reason for it is because she has no sense of your personality. Fellas, I advise everybody in 2020 to approach women in real life. But do it without tactics.

Do it without a lot of agenda to sleep with them right away approach them because you’re a charismatic man who enjoys talking to people. Do you understand what that means? You see, most people are extremely shy, extremely nervous, extremely awkward and hate speaking in today’s culture.

And because of that, the way to win in 2020 is to be more human than ever. Because you must understand this, all of these men trying to seduce her through the phone on Snapchat, and through Tinder and all this she doesn’t want a robot deep down. She does not want a guy on the computer screen. She wants a man. And people in 2020 are lacking human to human connection now more than ever, and guess what fellows it’s just going to get worse.

That’s why I say the 99% goes this way. The 1% goes this way. If you want those 1% results, you have to be willing to do the things that 99% of men won’t do.

Most men aren’t going to go talk to the old lady at the grocery store. The old man at menards the overweight store clerk when you’re checking out getting your cheeseburger you guess what the more people you talk to, when you see that pretty dime all of a sudden You’re not looking at her as just right away to get in the sheet psyching yourself out, you’re looking at her as a human to build trust connection and chemistry with. If you can do that, guess what, it’s going to lead to the sheets a hell of a lot faster than any of these men through her fingertips.

You have to use your brain a little bit here. Basically, anything all guys do right now with a cell phone, just do the exact opposite. Now in the beginning, it’s not 5050. So what do we do to raise her interest? we tease her for a reaction, we start to text her a little bit like, Hey, what’s up, you got to remember in the beginning, you got to build some rapport, and you have to have just a little bit of logical conversation. Okay?

How to Text a Woman to Secure The Date (CHEAT CODE) Date

And if you met her in person, guess what? That’s going to dictate how your response rate is. Now, the whole goal is to tease her a little bit. If she said if you say Hey, what’s up and she says, Hey, exclamation mark, not much just at work. What about you see, most guys would say, Oh, I’m at work tomorrow.

I’m at the grocery store. You switch it to the logical right away. What you have to do is you have to gauge your emotions. What I would Say to that as I would go up, fuck off a you don’t work.

I’m a teaser, I’m gonna say she doesn’t have a job I’m gonna do, I’m gonna say whatever I want. Because there are no rules. You get that when you’re trying to connect with a woman, you don’t want this some strict formal thing. You want a vibe and you want to chill and you want to have fun, and she wants to be able to see that you don’t necessarily take yourself too seriously. Now, the reason why a lot of these channels confuse men when it comes to dating and masculinity is because they’re so stern.

When they address it to the men you got to get on your purpose. You got to build you got to do all this stuff. That’s great. You should be doing that. However, if you can’t vibe and you can’t build trust and connection in chemistry with a woman you’re going to be in for pain because it doesn’t matter how strong and masculine you are.

If you can’t appeal to her emotions, you’re screwed. Now, you’re going to start to teaser for reaction teaser about that she doesn’t work teaser about you know, let’s say she’s rollerblading. You can call her clubs simulate how many times you fall you can say anything right you can start to just engage to poke and prod at or a little bit Now, all men need to raise her interest in the beginning. Even if she has high interest, she’s oftentimes not going to show it. Why is that she’s not going to show it because she’s a girl.

Now, this is where the second step of the cheat code comes. The first step of the cheat code is you need to approach these women in person. And it needs to come from a place of being genuine. And the only way to do that is to get used to talking to everybody.

Talk to everybody, male, female, young, old, you have to get used to talking, the more you’re used to talking, the more you can carry yourself confidently. This is extremely important. Now, the next step I have to teach before it comes to the whole way to go about setting this date is the last shiny object that I have for you and that is FaceTime.

Now you have to understand what did I tell you is the first shiny object I told you the first shiny object is that she doesn’t want somebody on a screen she wants a man. What that means is that means you need to start to connect with these women in person. Why?

Because you can build chemistry Now here’s what happens. Oftentimes women’s left gets so hectic, they have 20 direct messages. They have all these dating apps buzzing out them. Oftentimes women will forget. Or women will not actually take high interest in texting a man back even if he is high value strictly for the fact that she has too many options, fellas, it’s like going to Cheesecake Factory and then laying out all 40 options and they’re doing a free sample day.

Like Sure, red velvets the best bro. Sure red velvet is the best. You’re gonna try snickle snickerdoodle there is no way around that. How do you represent the offer to make Red Velvet the best? Well, here’s what you have to do.

You have to FaceTime. You have to post chat. Why do you do that?

Because it’s almost like a mini date. If you guys are texting back and forth, and you flip the switch on her and you hit FaceTime. This is a ninja hack. This is a ninja cheat code and I’m not all about shiny objects and tactics.

I’m about building the man but guess what? This right here Fellas is something most men do not do. Because it shows that you have balls. Most men do not have balls to pick up the camera should pick up the phone and to speak with her. And guess what?

This is going to put her in man to woman mode and she’s gonna go Oh shit. Like there’s a dude right now that’s trying to talk to me. She will even potentially end the FaceTime on you and she will text back and go.

Why are you trying to FaceTime me? Why are you trying to call me she’s gonna get nervous. There’s some women that I’ve spoke with and they’ve been like, I have to get ready first, like she wants to go put on makeup. She’s starting to realize like you’re trying to get to her.

And it looks like you have balls and it looks like you have confidence if you can FaceTime and she realized that she has to now speak well now you’re qualifying her on other things just besides the keyboard besides how you met her. Okay, you’re actually trying to speak with her once again, an easy way to go chemistry. That’s the one good thing about a phone these days. The only good thing is that you can speak to women in a more genuine manner if you use it the right way.

So as your facetiming what you need need to do is you need to flirt you need to poke you need to prod you need to tease you need to be willing to offend and you need to move it through the same sequential sequence. Now if you look at this as a salesman, you got to realize over here this is a cold lead this is you’re just shooting your shot with your product and hoping that it’s a good product market fit and your potential prospect which is her likes it now as you start to get some feedback and you start to get some texts back and some bait This is a warm lead the prospects buying temperatures a little bit hotter. If you can get it on FaceTime This is a hot lead this is smoking hot.

This is a smoking hot lead that you pounce on the iron with instantly and you asked for the credit card. This is when you ask for the fucking order form and checkout. Okay, I’m going to walk you through how to do this I understand this post is long but if you can master this you’re not going to get flaked on ever.

Why? Because the most word in the dating diction, the most important word in the dating dictionary for women and for men is going to be investment Why does she flake on any of these guys? It’s because she has no investment into them. You have to understand this.

If you pay for a product or service, you expect it to be good. You expect fair equal trade, you’re going to expect that your money, your value that you put down is going to be worth the service provided. Okay? You have to start to understand this. If you put money down on a business deal, you have to expect that the return is going to be equal or greater than what was put down.

It’s an equal investment. The problem is is that she has no investment with these men. They’re trying to get to where they’re giving a freebie, but guess what, giving somebody a freebie doesn’t make them value it making somebody pay for it. Makes them value it which means over here now she says to have a hotter buying temperature due to the fact that now she has more time invested in us.

She just took the time to actually FaceTime this guy. He just moved her through the whole buying sequence. It was a cold lead. She wasn’t interested. It was a warm lead.

Now. She Starting to text back. Now on FaceTime, this is hot This is when you strike. So here’s the thing to get a woman to have investment with you. You have to realize that there’s three steps to this.

And it’s all going to build one after the next and the first is going to be casual talk. Okay, this is your opener. This is when you say, hey, how’s your day? What are you doing?

Okay? She says, I was good. I was at work, but I’m super tired. This is where I would say like, Fuck off, you don’t work. This is where I start to tease her about her job.

This is where if she’s a dental hygienist or a nurse, I would start to say like the last dental hygiene inside I saw was psycho. So please don’t be equally as psycho is that when you know, you just you start to have fun. Okay, and that’s going to lead into escalation. Now, the way I like to escalate when you’re on FaceTime is by actually poking out individual things that you notice about her.

Okay, so I like to use phrases like you seem like the type of girl that x y z. Okay, you seem like the type of girl that’s a little edgy. Here’s why you seem like the type of girl that’s a goody two shoes. Here’s why. Okay, you seem like That means that you’re evaluating her, she’s going to start to have heightened attraction to you, due to the fact that if she’s on FaceTime, you’re starting to qualify her right then and there. I also like to use the frame, maybe you seem like the chick that I could maybe get along with, okay, we’re not going to give her the whole trap right away, we’re going to just feed her some bait.

If you can start to use the word maybe with women, this is going to make the escalation a lot better, because as you’re trying to move her through this whole sequence of flirtation and potentially meeting her, she’s going to realize that even though the investments here and you’re actually making that time commitment, she’s going to start to see that hey, this guy’s in 100% sold on me. This is a ninja hack. When she starts to get giggly when she starts to get bubbly when you start to see that she likes you. This is when you set that date. This is like the lead is so hot, you close that and you asked for the credit card right then and there.

If you’re on the sale. When she starts to make the logical commitment in her head that this is a guy that I’m having fun with. You strike right there. You say, what’s your schedule like? This is one we’re meeting up.

Now what you have to do through this to close it, is you have to lead the whole interaction. This is where you can’t get wishy washy in your masculine frame. Most men will say, what’s your schedule? Like?

Where do you like to eat? What would you like to do? You can pick, they start to do that. Now you got to lead her the whole time.

You got to say, Listen, I like Chinese. There’s this shiny spot that I dig. We should we should go. I want to take you there.

I think it would be really fun. We maybe would have a great time. And if you’re the type of girl that would maybe like to have a great time as well. It’s potentially in your best interest to do this. You see everything is to get her from a cold buying temperature too hot.

This isn’t talked about Enough. Enough. Most guys try to go into these text messages to get these dates. And what they’re trying to do the entire time is just Hey, can I get a date? Hey, you’re so beautiful.

I wanted to meet you. When can I take you out? It’s like Dude, she doesn’t have commitment. She doesn’t have investment. It is too soon to ask for the goddamn credit card.

That’s how you text a girl in 2020 make the huge Connection start to get her on FaceTime moves through the entire sequence. If you liked this post, like, comment, subscribe. We’ll see you in the next one.

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