Are You Afraid “The Conversation” Will Scare Him Away? (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

Are You Afraid 'The Conversation' Will Scare Him Away? (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy) Kissing

Jameson: How’s it feel to be back out there doing the live events? I feel connected in a whole different way. We just did the Matthew Hussey Live Session in Dublin, where we got a couple of hundred women together.

Jameson: How’s it feel to be back out there doing the live events? I feel connected in a whole different way. We just did the Matthew Hussey Live Session in Dublin, where we got a couple of hundred women together.

We had them ask me questions about their love life, about life in general. It was so much fun. I haven’t had a chance to do that in awhile.

Next time I say hello to you, we will be in London. Jameson, are you excited about London? Jameson: We’re coming for you, London. We’re coming for you, London. Mom, I’m gonna see you tonight.

Oh! My darling! Oh, my darling! Are we light today? I feel like we are.

We don’t have two pages of people yet, so. That’s how I know. I like how light, is like thirty people instead of thirty-seven. [Laughter] You think about how much we’ve grown in the last three years since we went out touring last. There’s so much to say, and we’re better at it…

We’re just better at it. So I feel like we have a greater capacity to help people now. But one of the huge benefits to me is the engagement that I see in myself by being in a room with our audience. It’s me doing what I do best.

What I’ve kinda built to do over the years, and you know, I had… I think in the last couple of years taken for granted what an affect it has on me not to be out there doing this. And people say this to me all the time.

I have women say to me, “But you don’t understand,” “we have an amazing connection.” “We’re… You know. We’re great together.” “When we’re together it’s…” “You know… It’s…” “There’s fireworks. There’s chemistry.” “We have such a great time.” Well that’s a really dangerous thing to base investment off of.

That’s cool. They’re giving us nine minutes. That’s my boy. That’s like the longest segment we’ve had…

That might like… For a daytime talk show… So you’re saying, do get rid of the wrong guy, and quickly, or the wrong person.

And not just if you’re not gelling, but if you see red flags, because people see these things early on. I once heard, relationships end the way they began. In other words, what breaks…

Are You Afraid 'The Conversation' Will Scare Him Away? (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy) Relationships

What makes you have to break up with someone two years in… You probably could have seen two days in if you were paying attention. [Photos Being Taken] And the last one… [Photos Being Taken] Done. Thank you very much. Nice to see you again.

Take care. ♬♬♬ Steve, what’s one thing that you want Matt to cover during the London event? How to have difficult conversations in and out of a relationship. How to have the difficult conversations you don’t wanna have. I think that’s good.

There’s just so many people wasting time. Wasting time with the wrong people, and… Not actually being as attractive as they could be if they were communicating their standards. Like they feel like their standards are gonna scare someone away, instead of realizing that, that standard is actually gonna make that person want them more.

Men are not great liars, but men are wonderful avoiders. They’re wonderful avoiders. What do you think happens two months in when you assume you’ve been having an exclusive relationship with someone, but you never talked about it.

You never talked about it, ’cause you just wanna seem happy go lucky. ‘I’m having fun.’ ‘I’m the casual girl in the relationship.’ ‘Let’s just enjoy ourselves, and see where this goes.’ ‘What need for labels?’ ‘Let’s just be romantic.’ ‘Let’s see what happens.’ ‘Aren’t we having fun?’ ‘This is amazing, isn’t it?’ ‘Is it magical for you too?’ ‘Cause it’s magical for me. Let’s keep going.’ [Laughter] And then two months in What happens? You find out he’s been still dating other people, and you’re heartbroken, because you’re already emotionally invested to the point where him kissing somebody else sends daggers through you, and you realize he’s been dating other people, and so you bring it up, and maybe he does the decent thing.

Maybe he says, ‘You know what? I should have told you.’ ‘I should have at least mentioned’ ‘the fact that I was dating other people,’ ’cause I felt that this was getting more serious.’ ‘I felt that we were getting more emotionally invested,’ ‘and I probably should have at least’ ‘given you more of a steer’ ‘to the fact that I’m not ready to be exclusive yet.’ ‘I should’ve done that. I didn’t.’ ‘We never really had the conversation,’ ‘but I feel like I could have been more proactive’ ‘in giving you that message,’ ’cause I felt from you that’ ‘you wanted something different,’ ‘but I ignored that, cause it was easy.’ He could do that. [Laughter] Or he could say, ‘We never discussed that…’ [Laughter] ‘We never had that conversation.’ Look, this isn’t just a men thing. I don’t ever wanna turn what I do into men/women. Really, because the truth is most people do what’s easy in life.

Most people do what’s easy. A guy doesn’t broach that subject, ’cause it’s easier not to. It’s easier not to.

It’s easier… if you’re a month into a relationship, and you really like the person, not to have the conversation about where it might be going. It’s easier not to, because it might make things awkward. It might actually give you an answer you don’t want, and you’re enjoying it.

So you don’t wanna screw it up. You’re even afraid that having the conversation itself will screw it up. It’s always easier not to.

But see, over the years I have developed this belief. Candor… Directness… Honesty…

Is a powerful force especially when combined with charm, and especially when it’s followed by a no if you don’t get the answer you want. To me, what we’re doing this time is literally like turning people’s psychology about dating upside down. That’s the difference. It’s not… This isn’t come out and learn a bunch of dating tips.

This is I am gonna turn your psychology about this on it’s head, and it’s gonna save your life. I really believe that, but people are gonna come, and the message is so important that it will save people decades of wrong decisions in their love life.

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