Relationship skills for the modern world |John Gray

Relationship skills for the modern world |John Gray Dating

I just had a baby, meaning I’m 65 but I had a new book. I’ve got a big family, I got three daughters, married 32 years, four grandchildren. But here I get to come party, love it.

Okay. But I wake up pretty fast when I’m thinking about my new baby which is a new book called “Beyond Mars and Venus.” I think it’s so relevant here, particularly a lot of people younger than me. And what happened is about 25, 35 years ago, I started teaching gender differences, because, you know, in the name of equality, so with a good intention, we tried to invent reality and say that men and women were the same, and expect men and women to be the same.

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How To Touch & Kiss A Girl On A First Date

How To Touch & Kiss A Girl On A First Date Dating

What’s going on? As you can see next to me, we have a guest, which is very rare these days. This is my girlfriend Megan. Megan, who is not mic’d up right now.

We’re going to try to tweak the sound, but only I have a mic. She won’t be talking that much. But Megan, say hello to the guys.

Hey guys. Hey guys. They’re very seductive. That’s very nice.

Today we’re going to be talking about how to touch a girl on a first date. And I thought, best to demo this and have you understand better to have someone here to help explain this. That’s what we’re going to do. And if you recognized, she’s actually been on a post before. This is not her first post, but her second.

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Hey puppies, I got that good good for you today is a very special day for me guys so six kids from make a wish foundation but that chose me and it crazy And it’s crazy most kids choose like LeBron James real-life like big Celebrities and like I get it like I’m on my way there one day but right now It’s just like I don’t know it’s mind-blowing and it’s also cool Cuz my brother Jake is gonna be there you guys know Jake. Yeah, people we tried to kill him yesterday. Here’s uhh flashback The thing is he made me his beneficiary for his life insurance policy so if he died I would get his money But that side story, I’m getting sidetracked Anyways, hey yo good morning. Whats poppin?


How to get a man going crazy for you | How to make him obsess with you | Greta Bereisaite

How to get a man going crazy for you | How to make him obsess with you | Greta Bereisaite Date

– So let’s think about the power of seduction. Is it being vulnerable and telling your whole life on a first date or is it being a bit mysterious, creating a bit of tension, giving him drops of uncertainty, and letting him figure you out? (upbeat music) Now, which one of these sound hot? Hello queens, it’s Greta Bereisaite here, and for the best dating and relationship advice, please subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when I upload a new post every Wednesday and Sunday. So you feel like a relationship is getting a bit dull and boring?

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Should We Have Sex While Separated?

Should We Have Sex While Separated? Relationships

You’re separated from your spouse but you still at least occasionally have sex with each other. That’s not unusual. Many couples do it. I mean after all this someone’s safe, you aren’t worried about them giving you a sexually transmitted disease or discovering that they’re some kind of sex pervert, that would really mess up your world. But is it smart?

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